Cultural Fair

February 01, 2024

The fifth grade class participated in the Cultural Fair. Students created displays and QR codes. The QR codes allowed spectators to read about the research students did on their foreign countries. ... See Full Article »

Battle Boxes

January 29, 2024

St. Mary eighth grade class collaborate and detail out epic battles from American History. Each battle box tells the history of the battle with hand created displays of reenactments. ... See Full Article »


November 03, 2023

Sponsoring Students at Our Lady of Nazareth Primary School in the slums of Nairobi As part of our stewardship program, the parents from each class have donated to help sponsor a student at Our Lady of Nazareth School in Nairobi. These students come from families who live in the poorest ... See Full Article »


June 01, 2023

St. Mary Catholic School is now accepting the EdChoice Scholarship, the John Peterson Special Needs Scholarship, and the Cleveland Scholarship! Apply now to see if you qualify! (Kindergarten through Grade 8). Thank you! ... See Full Article »

New 3D printer at St. Mary School

February 05, 2021

St. Mary students are learning how to design 3D objects using Tinkercad software and then printing them out using the DaVinci Jr. 1.0 3D printer. This tremendous opportunity has been made possible through the generosity of Mr. Craig Cooper, the grandfather of a kindergarten student. He donated the printer to ... See Full Article »