Discovery Hall

In the fall of 2017 St. Mary School added a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) lab to the Media Center wing. The Discovery Hall dream was realized through the generous donations of our extended community. Hands-on learning stations, created by our teachers, provide activities which hone critical thinking and problem-solving skills in interdisciplinary projects. Providing a way to incorporate 21st century learning skills: communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity, was the catalyst driving the creation of the Discovery Hall.

The interactive activities include Coding Robots, Crime Scene detection, 3-D pens, Magic Modeling Clay, 3-D Printing, a LEGO Construction Zone, Marble Wall, and more. These areas provide a place where students can come to gain a deeper understanding of knowledge across all subject areas. The activities will change as needed.

The library was redesigned as well. New books were purchased, and the library was transformed into a new space designed for student use for reading, collaboration on projects and study halls. Teachers also use the space to provide students a change of setting from the classroom.

St. Mary School Discovery Hall