Clubs & Activities


The St. Mary's School band is comprised of students from grades 4-8. Lessons, for a fee, are given during the week, before and after school. In the event that lessons are during school, the student is usually pulled out of study hall. Everyone in band also takes private lessons from myself. Anyone from grades 4-8 who might have the slightest interest in band is encouraged to consider joining. New members are always welcome, and have an enjoyable time. Band rehearsals are after school on Wednesdays from 3:30- 4:30 pm.

It is important for students to explore the world of music. Music allows one to express emotions through what words sometime cannot describe. It also allows students to experiment with their creative side (how to interpret a passage of music) and play a piece with that idea in mind. When someone creates music out of nothingness, there is a sense of surrealism that makes that performance unique to the student.

Moderator: Mr. Patrick Hickey

Camp Christopher

This Environmental Education camp is an overnight field trip that students in grade six attend in the spring. Throughout the two days, students participate in a variety of hands-on outdoor education activities that foster trust and teamwork, as well as the appreciation of God’s creations through nature.

Moderator: Mrs. Kathy Smith

Chess Club

Chess teaches students logical thinking and the ability to recognize complex patterns. It also develops higher order thinking skills, discipline and creative resolution methods. While enjoying time with friends, students will learn and practice self-control and recall skills. Memory improvement, logical thinking, improved observation and analysis skills, and operant conditioning are four areas that will grow and benefit from participation.

Moderator: Ms. Sandy Aversano

Classroom of Champions

This trivia based competition is held at St. Edward High School each year. Teams throughout the Cleveland area compete against each other in an attempt to answer the most questions and advance to the championship round. Our team is comprised of Eighth graders with Seventh grade alternates, who then become the Eighth grade team the following year. Students meet once a week for an hour to go over various math, science, religion, history, geography, literature and current events trivia questions.

Moderator: Mr. Brian Jones

Eager Artists

Students from kindergarten through seventh grade have the opportunity to work with this award-winning organization that teaches children a way of creating art by breaking projects down into simple steps. Art and the ability to be creative has been proven to actually help academic performance. Eager Artists promotes individuality, self-accomplishment and fun! Under the direction of a private instructor, students can work with over 20 different mediums in a session, including 3-D and clay. Students work on new projects each and every week. Some projects include Chalk Pastel Aliens, Watercolor Cats by the Pool, Dizzying Op Art, Mitchell’s Ice Cream Sundaes, Oil Pastel Red Pandas and more. All art supplies are supplied for the students in this outsourced, fee-based program.

Moderators: Eager Artist Instructor

Engineering Club

New to St. Mary School in the 2019-2020 school year. Students can participate in a fee-based program where they apply math and science skills to build and discover through hands-on programs and labs. Each module is 4 weeks long and will cover a different topic.

Moderator: Classroom Antics Instructor

Faith Family Program

Students in all grades meet once a month to participate in activities that relate to their monthly stewardship focus. Faith Families are formed with an eighth grade student as the leader and at least one student from each grade level (K-8) in their group. The groups meet in classrooms under the supervision of a teacher, but the eighth grade student is responsible for running the monthly activity.

Moderator: Mrs. Melanie Patena

Instrumental Lessons

Students from kindergarten through eighth grade are invited to partake in weekly half hour individual lessons. Private lessons are taught, for a fee, in piano, flute, and voice.

Moderator: Ms. Angela Kovic

Jesus Day

Jesus Day is a First Communion Retreat Day for second graders. It is held on the Friday before First Communion. During the retreat the students are in small groups and rotate to several stations to participate in a variety of activities. In one activity they bake their own loaf of bread to take home and share with their families. They also create a Memory Box for all of their special First Communion memories. During the retreat small groups of students walk over to Church to read cards and letters of encouragement and love that were written by family members. Jesus Day is a day of prayer and excitement for the students.

Moderator: Mrs. Donna Giblin

Lego Club

Students in kindergarten through 5th grade participate in this after school activity. Beginning in January the students participate in the activity by building creations as a response to various challenges. Some challenges include: building a boat that can float, building a zip-line that can travel across the room, building a tower that can withstand an earthquake test. Students must bring their own Legos from home to participate.

Moderator: Mrs. Marisa Schiele

Peer Tutoring

The Peer Tutoring program began in order to give our eighth grade students the chance to enhance their academic and leadership skills while allowing them the opportunity to help others academically. The eighth grade tutors volunteer their time in the morning before class and after school to assist younger students in a variety of academic areas. The tutors can also be used to provide a challenge to students who may be performing at a higher level in the classroom.

Moderator: Mr. Brian Jones


This writing competition promotes the skill of creative writing and showcases the talents of young writers. Students meet once a week for an hour to learn to refine their creative writing skills, responding to writing prompts. At the competition, they compete against other talented student writers from Ohio.

Moderator: Mr. Brian Jones

Running Club

The running club meets on Wednesdays after school from 3:45 – 4:45 pm beginning in the spring during 3rd and 4th quarter. Students in grades 6-8 may participate.

Moderator: Mrs. Melanie Patena

Science Fair

All students in grades 7-8 participate in the school Science Fair that takes place each year the week before Catholic School’s Week. The process begins in October with preparing the students on how to choose an experiment, the research process and how to conduct an experiment following the steps of the scientific method. Students keep a notebook with their research and data throughout the process, and create a presentation board outlining their experiment. The experience culminates with an evening where students have the opportunity to present their experiments to a group of volunteer parent professionals from a variety of industries.

Moderator: Mrs. Kathy Smith

Sewing Club

In this creative and hands on sewing class junior high students learn basic sewing machine usage and sewing project construction. Improving fine motor skills through a variety of sewing processes including pinning, cutting fabric and sewing on the line. Students develop creativity in designing their own sewing projects. They will learn how to follow basic sewing patterns and instructions.

Projects include but are not limited to table runners, pj pants, zippered bags, fashion accessories, clothing and more. Students also construct dresses that are sent to Fr. Marty’s mission in Kenya.

Junior high students meet weekly after school for one hour. In this creative and hands on sewing class they will learn: basic sewing machine usage and sewing project construction, improvement of fine motor skills including pinning, cutting fabric, and sewing on a line, creativity in designing their own sewing projects, how to follow basic sewing patterns and instructions. Projects include but not limited to items such as table runners, pj pants, zippered bags, fashion accessories, clothing and more. Students will also construct dresses and send them to Fr. Marty and his mission in Kenya.

Moderators: Mrs. Mary Beth Hennessy and Mrs. Gail Wetzel

Ski Club

The Ski Club participants enjoy the opportunity to learn to ski from professionally trained instructors at Boston Mills and Brandywine Ski Resorts. Students typically have five trips as a group to the ski resort during the winter season. Their passes also give them the opportunity to ski on the selected school day after their five group days.

Moderator: Mr. Brian Jones

Spelling Bee

The St. Mary Spelling Bee occurs once a year during Catholic Schools Week. It gives our seventh and eighth grade students a chance to compete against each other with the winner advancing to the Cleveland Bee. Once at this level the winner has the opportunity to advance to the National Bee held in Washington, D.C.

Moderators: Mr. Jones

Student Council

Student representatives from grades 5-7 meet every Tuesday morning, along with elected 8th grade officials. The students, under supervision of adult moderators spend time planning school-wide activities and events, as well as community outreach activities.

Moderators: Mrs. Melanie Patena and Mrs. Kathy Smith

Talent Show

Each year students in grades 4-8 are encouraged to showcase their talents for the school in May. During an afternoon assembly students can perform singing, dancing, skits, gymnastics, sports or other skills. Specific guidelines are provided to students in the spring.

Moderator: Mr. Jason Klinect

Video News

Interested junior high students are members of a team that meets regularly to create a video newsletter. The newsletter focuses on the daily happenings and special events at St. Mary School. The video, once completed is sent to parents to give them an insight into their student's school day. Through the use of modern green screen and audio technology, students film and edit to produce a creative, quality video. Students learn skills in writing, editing, producing and on-screen performance.

Moderator: Mr. Brian Jones